Pastor and Wife
House of Prayer was founded by Pastor Joel & Chantal Muhindo in March 2008. We are an international church with our headquarters in the Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town. We have recieved a mandate to bring the Salvation of Jesus Christ to lives, nations and the whole world. Here at House of Prayer we believe in uniting every nation, tongue, tribe and race under the banner of The Name of Jesus Christ.

Our desire is for people to expirience the manifest presence of God, through praise and worship,prayer, a relevant Word from the Lord and also through the demonstrantion of the power of God. We also place importance on discipleship and fellowship in the form of various weekly programmes and ministry areas in the church, in which you can participate in.

If you are looking for a place to call your spiritual home, where you can grow and be all you
have been destined to be in Christ Jesus, our doors are wide open for you.

Yours in Christ Jesus
Pastor Joel & Chantal Muhindo